Thursday, August 27, 2009 1:16 AM

大家别来无恙?Apa khabar...?Adik di sini khabar okok saja~~


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4 ecnEICS 5
Saturday, August 1, 2009 7:38 AM

We can't spell "success" without "u"...
Together,we shine...
TEAM-Together Everything Achieved More...

Hey guys!!surprise??!
haha...this is my 1st "english" blog since someone ask me to write in "english"...does it make any sense??!lol~~

Suddenly,my mind turns blank when i think of english...wat im going to write?
Wat comes into ur mind when i talk about 42 guys n a group of teachers...

I was an idiot who think tat students other than s1 and s2 are not the useful one..wat a contemptuous way is this?Yet my way of thinking changed 360 degree when i get to know every each of them and at the same time i learn from them...
5s4 certainly is not the first class but it's the best class lor...
No one is born to b the first but we are born to achieve the best we could...this is the fact..
We are not the first but best...
Can word describe us?Definitely no lar...
Since no word can "pakai",den i need not continue my writting lar...haha~~(mayb next time in chinese,i will write more...)

p/s:to someone,i aledi fulfilled ur request...isn't it?so can u write me a CHINESE blog?haha~~wat i wanna say is if u think u can,u can!!)


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崇恒 T10ng H3nG


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